July 29, 2008

fairytales & fashion: goldilocks

1. goldilocks 3 bears 2. Goldilocks Moon Bun and the Three Bears, 3. Goldilocks - Gluttony, 4. His Voice Woke Goldilocks Up
"and then she went to the porridge of the little wee bear,
and tasted it, and that was neither too hot nor too cold, but just right..."
-goldilocks & the 3 bears by flora annie steel

(by me)

(by mumu_bee)


fairytales & fashion: rapunzel

1. ::Rapunzel ATC::, 2. Rapunzel, Rapunzel,, 3. Rapunzel, 4. Untitled

rapunzel, rapunzel, let down your hair.
-rapunzel by the brother grimm

(by me)

(by sarah scissorhands)

fairytales & fashion: hansel & gretel

1. Hansel and Gretel, 2. Hansel y Gretel son los hijos de un pobre leñador..., 3. Hansel and Gretel antique postcard - lithograph - Gera (Reuss) - 1902, 4. Scenes from Hansel and Gretel

"nibble, nibble, gnaw,
who is nibbling at my little house?"
-hansel & gretel by the brothers grimm

(by me)

(by speakdaggers)

July 22, 2008

RIP estelle getty


in my first semester of college i spent probably more time watching tv than i had in the past 5 years (i'm not a big fan of television). my room mate was the one who 'owned' (actually it was her old room mate's but she was still in charge of it) so she picked most of the shows most of the time. one night she stopped her channel surfing to watch the golden girls. i had heard of the golden girls before but had never watched it until then. i was hooked. whenever it was on tv i watched. for xmas last year my wonderful mother bought me season 1 of the golden girls. then my boyfriend & i became obsessed. we would sit & watch hours of golden girls (which, by the way, is the original sex & the city &, as always, the original is always better. the golden girls kick satc ass.). i would laugh until i cried. those 4 woman were almost like my family because every i spent almost every evening with them. & my favorite of those 4 woman was sophia petrillo. i loved how sassy, brutally honest, witty, raunchy & unashamed she was; she was the archetypal trickster, a true outlaw. when i watched the last episode of the golden girls in late april i cried, i'll admit it even if it is silly, i cried like a baby. it was a sad day to no longer have those woman in my life everyday. so in a way i feel like i've already mourned the death of estelle getty though when my mom told me tonight i did still get a bit teary eyed. so here's to you sophia, thanks for being a friend!

tracie (slut machine) has compiled a great video of all of sophia's best moments over here.

happy birthday tom robbins!

anyone who truly knows me knows that my favorite author (idol, guru, revolutionary, thinker, spiritual leader, man) is tom robbins. i've read all 9 books (most of them more than once), they were the only books i brought with me when i moved to san francisco because i knew that they were the only books i would ever need. tom robbins was born on july 22nd 1936, here's a few ways to celebrate a great man & possibly the best author ever:
  • read (or reread) one of his mind-altering books. i recommend still life with woodpecker, which was my first tom robbins book & also my absolute favorite. other favorites: skinny legs & all, jitterbug perfume, even cowgirls get the blues & another roadside attraction.
  • for those you have read all of his books try reading tom robbins: a critical companion. (i'm starting it today!)
  • stop by the aftr life & get to know tom, his books & his fans better.
  • make tom's favorite food & eat it. ingredients: salt & pepper, wonder bread, 2 ripe tomatoes & best foods mayo. or eat one of the foods that are prominently featured in his books: beets, mushrooms, asparagus or blackberries.
  • for those that are close to washington - take a road trip to la conner & seattle & explore tom's stomping grounds & hope that you might just see him.
  • for those that are close to north carolina - take a road trip to blowing rock where tom was born.
  • write on a typewriter, preferably a remington sl3 ;) .
  • join daffy yum & read a page of one of tom's books everyday.
  • do not watch gus van sant's even cowgirls get the blues, the movie is an embarrassment when compared to the book. when i finished watching the movie i was just horrified, don't waste your time.
  • go hunting for mushrooms (make sure you know how to safely do that) &/or eat some magic mushrooms.
  • read a book that tom likes: understanding media by marshal mcluhan, the archaic revival by terrence mckenna, the tao of physics by fritjof capra, the book: on the taboo against knowing who you are by alan watts, creative mythology by joseph campbell (while i haven't read this book, i do highly reccommend campbell), the banquet years by roger shattuck, the woman's encyclopedia of myths & secrets by barbara g. walker, news of the universe by robert bly, the varieties of religious experience by william james. (list from aftr life bookstore)
  • "it is never too late to have a happy childhood." start now!
  • play aftr life's tom robbin rad libs.
  • choose yum rather than yuck as your mantra.
  • be an outlaw!
does anyone have any other suggestions on how to celebrate tom's birthday? let me know!

July 14, 2008

mosaic meme

i stole this meme from waven. enjoy.

1. Erin-1146, 2. Say cheese!, 3. Agoura High Cheer CA. 1977 (2), 4. Great Grey Owl - Bartkauz, 5. sufjan stencil, 6. jAgEr!SuRpriSe, 7. Maijandaekhbhulannh, 8. Vegan Pumpkin Pie, 9. Day 137/365: Peace is not just a word it's a state of mind., 10. Jon - Co-worker Extraordinaire, 11. vintage cowboy: arizona outlaw, 12. sb2000_erin_lynne
you should do it too (if you do, leave a link - i'd love to see it)! here's how:

1. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
2. Using only the first page of results, pick one image for each question.
3. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into Big Huge Lab’s Mosaic Maker to create a mosaic of the picture answers.

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food? right now?
3. What high school did you go to?
4. What is your favorite color?
5. Who is your celebrity crush?
6. What is your favorite drink?
7. What is your dream vacation?
8. What is your favorite dessert?
9. What do you want to be when you grow up?
10. What do you love most in life?
11. What is one word that describes you?
12. What is your flickr name?

July 11, 2008

things i love thursday (i'm always late)

(vintage postcards does not like their images used. sorry.)
  • kauai - i just flew (disastrously, i won't bore you with all the details but we missed our original flight) from lax to honolulu last night (which made it hard for me to post since i was in the air for 5 or so hours). checked into a hotel, passed out, woke up, went back to the airport (while on the way back to the airport i finally realized that i was in oahu & not hawaii [the whole time (from 11PM - 8AM) i was in oahu i thought that i was hawaii! ]& flew to lihue then took an hour drive to our family's 'home'. but trust me, it was more than worth it - i'm in paradise! i'm here with my mom, brother, boyfriend, grandma & grandpa (my mother's ex-in-laws [my parents, like some many others, are divorced]...my dad couldn't go & since my mom is still part of the fam she went instead), all of my aunts, uncles & cousins. things i love about kauai:
    • it makes me happy - i've felt like a child since i arrived at our 'home' here in kauai. today jon & i just swam & scampered about like little beasts in the ocean, our 'home' is right on the beach. it's so gorgeous. in fact i can hear the waves crashing on the beach right now.
    • kauai kunana dairy's pepper jacques chevre - let me just say...HOLY GOAT SHIT! best goat cheese i have had to date. it creamy & smooth & cheesy & perfecty peppery & just all around perfect & .... uh, i'm completely unable to articulate how AMAZING this cheese is. ok, just look at that goat! how could a lei wearing goat not produce something super delicious. i'm so into their cheese i think that i may take a tour of their farms because, according to their site, you're able to do so with an appointment. i want to try to try each flavor that they make but i'll only be here a week....so that means goat cheese for every meal! i must be in heaven! i haven't tried any of their other non-cheese products but if you interested you could check them out here or if you live in the area/vacationing here then you should try to obtain some goodies, the dairy has a list of places that sell their goods on their website.
    • its nickname is the garden island - (not to be confused with the garden state. on a side note: kauai probably makes new jersey ashamed to call himself a garden state. kauai probably makes new jersey cry himself to sleep because it can't compete with kauai.) back on topic...this island is bursting with flora & fauna. there is more nature here than i could ever hope to frolic in. i'm so eager to prowl around & explore. when i come back i'm going to be a jungle woman.
  • andy rooney - is hilarious. my boyfriend & i cannot get enough of him. he is the epitome of a crotchety old man - he makes a living out of complaining! sometimes he seems borderline insane with his tirades (watch: eat more fruit). but he is more than just a grumpy old man, he also is quite eloquent, poignant & totally right (watch: a memorial day worth remembering). i just love his kick-ass, no nonsense, unabashed manner. some words of wisdom from rooney:
    • "I wish we could dedicate Memorial Day, not to the memory of those who have died at war, but to the idea of saving the lives of the young people who are going to die in the future if we don’t find some new way - some new religion maybe - that takes war out of our lives. That would be a Memorial Day worth celebrating."
    • "I don't like food that's too carefully arranged; it makes me think that the chef is spending too much time arranging and not enough time cooking. If I wanted a picture I'd buy a painting."
    • "I just wish we knew a little less about his urethra and a little more about his arms sales to Iran."
    • "The average bright young man who is drafted hates the whole business because an army always tries to eliminate the individual differences in men."
      • (quotes from brainy quote with the exception of the first one)
  • kid's birthday parties - too much fun. i forget that i am a 20 year old young woman & i turn into a 6 year old boy. i want to eloborate more but like few weeks back i puttered out & had to postpone my elaboration until the next tilt. well, this time i won't make you wait too long.

July 7, 2008

an outlaw's guide to san francisco

(photo by karin kerylow)

sbarnscher asked for tips on where to go/what to do in sf. i lived there for about a year so here's a list of what i liked to do while living in sf in no particular order:
  • eat at ananda fuara (best vegetarian food in the city. i recommend the chicken nuggets, mash potatoes with gravy & a mango spritzer.)
  • eat at golden era (best asian vegetarian food in the city & my personal favorite restaurant. i recommend the steamed veggie bun♥, drumsticks, & the spicy gourmet chicken.)
  • hang out at golden gate park! must sees: hippie hill, the horseshoe pits, the tea gardens & the bison (visiting ggp was a daily thing for me when i lived there. sometimes i would go 3 times a day. my home was at the horsehoe courts & i went to hippie hill when i felt like playing. some of the craziest shit i've seen/done in sf i saw/did it at ggp. the above photo was taken in golden gate as i was leading a friend into the horshoe courts from my 'secret' path.)
  • the exploratorium (so incredibly fascinating - if you go give yourself as much time as possible because there is so much to see & do there & i have never had enough time to do it all. my current profile icon was taken there.)
  • haight st is nice for thrifting/vintage clothes but don't expect it to be what it was in the 60s because it's just a tourist trap now
  • aunt charlies lounge (best bar/club in all of sf in my opinion. if you go there either take a taxi or if you walk take pepper spray.)
  • popscene & rickshaw stop are nice (but boring & way too hipster) clubs
ps: please don't ever call san francisco 'frisco around me. thankya.

lamilla - 1

July 2, 2008

kaylin marie mathews

so much has happened between us. most of it is far too personal & painful to write about on a blog. i just wish i had been there for you more in these past few years. i'm so sorry. you probably have no idea how much i loved you & still do love you. & you have no idea how much i miss you now that you are gone. what i wouldn't give to have just one more chance to see you. i just hope that you have finally found some peace which is something i don't think you ever found in life. i love you witchbaby.
(kaylin marie mathews : 1988-2008)
(ventura county star news report)

[if you anyone could give me more information on the person(s) who left her i would be eternally grateful, i will even pay if it's necessary. i want first & last names, phones numbers, home addresses, etc.]

UPDATE @ 3:11PM on july 4th 2008:
(another ventura county star news report)

a memorial video of kaylin:

& 2 videos of her spinning:

(soe fifty-50 session 19 dedicated to dj sativa/kaylin on july 11th at 129 e 3rd street, la.)