January 29, 2009

things i will never understand: marijuana prohibition

i will never understand the us government's position on marijuana. i don't get this war on drugs. if people were presented with the pure & simple facts about marijuana (& not 'facts' from propaganda programs like d.a.r.e) they wouldn't be such bias and hate for a harmless weed. from a purely scientific view there are no serious, negative health effects from marijuana (it's much less harmful than america's favorite drug - booze). in my opinion, the positive effects of marijuana completely & totally outweigh the negative effects. the reason marijuana is illegal is because of lies that the government made up about it. i think this 'war on drugs' is total bullshit. i just don't get it.

louise brooks

January 26, 2009

birkin & bardot


while watching the inauguration i truly understood what michelle obama meant when she said, "for the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country."