February 26, 2009

the black cab sessions: chp 37


best book ever: still life with woodpecker

Yes, I love the trite mythos of the outlaw. I love the self-conscious romanticism of the outlaw. I love the black wardrobe of the outlaw. I love the fey smile of the outlaw. I love the tequila of the outlaw & the beans of the outlaw. I love the way respectable men sneer and say ‘outlaw’. I love the way young women palpitate and say ‘outlaw’. The outlaw boat sails against the flow and I love it. Outlaws toilet where badgers toilet, and I love it. All outlaws are photogenic and I love it. ‘When freedom is outlawed, only outlaws will be free:’ that’s a graffito seen in Anacortes, and I love that. There are outlaw maps that lead to outlaw treasure, and I love those maps especially. Unwilling to wait for mankind to improve, the outlaw live as if that day were here, and I love that most of all.


charleston vs. daft punk

captured: 04.28.08


i was (unfortunately) expecting way more from gordon & her new line mirror/dash. (i also never really liked sonic youth all that much so maybe i shouldn't have expected so much.) while the pieces aren't bad, they aren't good either. this looks like the typical stuff i could go & pick up from f21 or target. it's all so safe & boring; which, in my opinion, is worse than making a ugly line. hopefully they'll come out with more exciting stuff soon.
the only thing i might consider buying is the t-shirt dress. but i know that i've seen tons of dresses just like it but cheaper &/or more unique than this one...& i am a cheap whore for inexpensive clothes so i'd never buy it.

February 24, 2009

comet lulin

comet lulin (it looks like a little green apostrophe to observers on earth) is going to be passing by planet earth. unlike other comets, for example halley's comet, that you can see every few decades or so, seeing comet lulin is seriously a once in a life time opportunity because after the end of march or so it will keep on traveling further & further away from us. i can't wait to see it tonight! i'm going to try to watch it until i can't see it anymore. here's a map of where & when you can see it in the night sky:
(more about comet lulin from sky & telescope)

February 12, 2009

things i will never understand: why a fax machine calls at 2AM

this fax keeps calling my house & everyone (but me) is trying to sleep. it's 2 in the fucking morning & it calls three times in a row. the caller id says venali. this shit has happened more than once. well you know what, fuck venali! this is the third time this has happened. seriously, screw you.

outlaws as wolves

(from vargr: the institution of outlawry)
The association of outlaws and wolves is very strong in the Germanic cultures. The Old Norse word vargr (OSw: varghær, OHG: warg, OE: wearg ) has been translated in a number of ways, and several Indo-European root words have been claimed as its source. These include *wergh (“strangle”, via the Germanic *wargaz) (8) and the Germanic “wacrer” (to wander). The latter is the root for the modern English word vagrant. From the fact that the major component of outlawry was banishment, this last option seems to be the most likely source. Those who transgress against society are forced to wander from their homeland.
After the Christianization of Northern Europe, an additional aspect of being outside of the faith as well:
_Vargr_ is the same as _u-argr_, restless; _argr_ being the same as the Anglo-Saxon _earg_. _Vargr_ had its double signification in Norse. It signified a wolf, and also a godless man.(9)
One author holds that the association between wolves and outlaws seems to be a later phenomenon particular to the Norse cultures: …it is only late, and mostly in Norse, that vargr (cognate with warg) acquires the meaning "wolf" along with "criminal." In Old English, wearg means almost exclusively "criminal" or "accursed being." (10)
In Anglo-Saxon lands, the term “wolf’s-head” became an accepted term for criminals (11). This connection itself is not so simple as it may seem. At first view, it seems to be made due to the similarity in temperament between wolves and criminals. However, deeper meanings to this connection have been suggested. Some authors have suggested that the condemnation of an outlaw as vargr is a symbolic pronouncement that the man is now a wolf, and is worthy of strangulation (12).
Thus it is well seen that Sigi has slain the thrall and murdered him; so he is given forth to be a wolf in holy places , and may no more abide in the land with his father (13)
Völundur, Egill and Slagfinnur, the third son of Ívaldi, chose to become outlaws, and travelled all the way to the northernmost edge of the world, to Úlfdalir (Wolf-dales), where Gods never go. (14)
One author has suggested that there is also a symbolic connection between the transformation of men into wolves, and the feminization of men through the practice of Seidr magic and in playing the passive role in sodomy. The term ergi, may have applied to both of these receptive roles (15).

happy 200th birthday darwin!

i'm not kidding when i say that his outfit is fucking sweet. love the hat, love the cape, love the beard, love the theories...

February 11, 2009

woody guthrie/sonny terry/brownie mcghee

dramatic eyebrows

i love over-the-top eyebrows. absolutely adore them. also that shirt looks so perfect for the weather. oh & can i have the hair too?

bone room jewelry

i'm seriously thinking about buying a skull or some bones from the bone room to decorate my room with. but their jewelry is really amazing too. & it might get more use... decisions, decisions. skulls or jewelry? here's some of the jewelry that i'm looking at (in order of preference). the first 2 are taken from casts of real animal bones (spider monkey arms & anteater vertebrae & ribs). i'm more likely to get the bracelet because it's cheaper & i'm cheap. or maybe something even less expensive than that even...who knows.