January 29, 2010


captured: 09.07.09

where you've been hiding

so what happened? where did i go? well, it's a long story but let's just put it this way...too much drugs + arrest #1 + more drugs + arrest #2 + went crazy with withdrawals + almost got put on a 5150 = rehab. i completed a little over 90 days & then moved into sober living. right now i have 111 days of sobriety. weird...i know. i don't plan on becoming a saint but rehab has done me good. i'm in a better place now, especially mentally. i was a mess before i got here, i really was going off the deep end. i am (for the most part) happy - it's been a looooong time since i could sincerely say that.

some pictures of my new digs:
captured: 01.2010