July 7, 2008

an outlaw's guide to san francisco

(photo by karin kerylow)

sbarnscher asked for tips on where to go/what to do in sf. i lived there for about a year so here's a list of what i liked to do while living in sf in no particular order:
  • eat at ananda fuara (best vegetarian food in the city. i recommend the chicken nuggets, mash potatoes with gravy & a mango spritzer.)
  • eat at golden era (best asian vegetarian food in the city & my personal favorite restaurant. i recommend the steamed veggie bun♥, drumsticks, & the spicy gourmet chicken.)
  • hang out at golden gate park! must sees: hippie hill, the horseshoe pits, the tea gardens & the bison (visiting ggp was a daily thing for me when i lived there. sometimes i would go 3 times a day. my home was at the horsehoe courts & i went to hippie hill when i felt like playing. some of the craziest shit i've seen/done in sf i saw/did it at ggp. the above photo was taken in golden gate as i was leading a friend into the horshoe courts from my 'secret' path.)
  • the exploratorium (so incredibly fascinating - if you go give yourself as much time as possible because there is so much to see & do there & i have never had enough time to do it all. my current profile icon was taken there.)
  • haight st is nice for thrifting/vintage clothes but don't expect it to be what it was in the 60s because it's just a tourist trap now
  • aunt charlies lounge (best bar/club in all of sf in my opinion. if you go there either take a taxi or if you walk take pepper spray.)
  • popscene & rickshaw stop are nice (but boring & way too hipster) clubs
ps: please don't ever call san francisco 'frisco around me. thankya.

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