July 30, 2010

best pick-up line ever//how to make me fall in love with you

"I can't think of anyone else I'd rather survive the Zombie Holocaust with."
(via jezebel)
captured: 07.28.10
i can think of someone i'd like to survive the zombie holocaust with. :)

joel peter witkin

joel peter witkin is one of my favorite artists of all time. his images are extremely beautiful but also extremely disturbing. one of my favorite phrases is memento mori, latin for remember your death. these photos are glaring reminders of our mortality. if you think you can handle them...

pamela love

July 28, 2010

shop w.a.s

love all these d.i.y. pieces, they are stuff i would make if i had the time or a steady enough hand. i have a rabbit's foot necklaces that i made that looks exactly like the one in the shop except mine is gold.

new shirts

ordered these two shirts online a few weeks ago. they're printed on american apparel tanks so they are super comfy.  my wolf t-shirt addiction has gotten pretty bad, this new one is number five.

do not feed the wolves

July 20, 2010

birthday bouquet

1. Blue color is everlastingly appointed by the deity to be a source of delight., 2. Oh No!  He Saw His Shadow!, 3. Allium, 4. Blue and White Carnation, 5. Crinkles, 6. Re-In-Carnation, 7. CROCUS-QUINTET, 8. Buddha's Hand Citron Blossom, 9. Friendly Face

How to make a birthday bouquet:
Find out what your birthday flower, birthday month flower, zodiac flower and other flowers associated with your sign. Then find images of your flowers using flickr. Finally make a mosiac. And, violá! You have a personal birthday bouquet!

it's not my birthday but i have way too much free time so i decided to make one for my birthday (december 13th). i used muscari (grape hyacinth), paperwhite narcissus, allium flower, three carnations, crocus, buddha's hand citron blossom & lisianthus.

speaking of bouquets. i used to tell boyfriends not to buy me flowers because they were a 'waste of money' (my words). i've changed my mind. i got flowers a few weeks ago from david to cheer me up and i almost cried because it was so sweet and unexpected. now i understand why people like getting flowers...it makes them feel loved.

captured: 07.10.10