April 30, 2009

canis lupus

captured: 04.2009
a few months ago i finally got that aa cape that i was lusting over. it's so perfect for the warm night we've been having here in la. & it's super comfy - like wearing a blanket.

April 25, 2009

ifb links à la mode: 04.23.09

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captured: 04.2008
this is my brother, spyke the bassist.

all black perfection

geometry series

April 20, 2009


ifb links à la mode: 04.16.09

April 19, 2009

poochie dogs

beberkins & mang
captured: 04.2009
i've starting uploading all of my non-digital picture to my flickr account. it'll probably be awhile though before i post my newer pictures like this one because i refuse to spend my money on flickr. so you/i will just have to wait till next month in order to upload/see more pictures.
also, sorry i haven't been updating quite as much as i used to. in the past two weeks i've traveled to san francisco, san diego & santa barbara (tomorrow - dana point) so i just haven't had the time nor desire to update. i'll be posting pictures & movies from my trips once i get my shit together & feel like uploading them. eventually...

April 16, 2009

kkk fashion

i do not know anyone, i repeat ANYONE, who is "cool" enough to pull this off. i like a lot of palillo's designs (especially ss09, i love every piece except this one). but i could not believe this. this jacket would have probably been fine in any other color than white. he's either ignorant or insensitive (or at least that's what i hope, rather than thinking that he is an outright hatemonger) & anyone who buys that hoodie is the same. personally, i try to avoid looking ignorant & insensitive, i strive for the opposite. maybe i just don't have a sense of humor or irony but the klu klux klan is not the height of fashion, in my opinion. the kkk just makes me sick to my stomach.
on a lighter note:

April 14, 2009

away we go

i really like sam mendes so i can't wait to see this movie. & by the way, how cute does jim look with a beard? (i know that's not he's real name but in my mind he is always jim).

phantom II

April 12, 2009

black & white tribal print

(afrika print high-waist leggings from american apparel)

(aztec leggings from silence & noise/urban outfitters)

(africa pants from henrik vibskov/tres bien shop)
i love the way each of the pants look but i thoroughly doubt i could ever really pull them off. i think if i was going to get something with this type of tribal print i'd choose one of the afrika print shirts or dresses that american apparel makes.

the truth about life love & the cosmos

(museum studio)
the images used are from the hubble telescope. it just proves how beautiful our world is. i took astronomy last semester (8 hours, lab & lecture, every monday) & it was one of the most interesting courses i have ever taken. it's such an interesting subject, i feel so enlightened knowing how the universe works. astronomy has completely raised my conciousness & it also helped cement my atheism, which is a subject that i'll save for later because i can talk about it for hours & also completely offend a lot of people.


sometimes i like to pretend that we heart it is actually called we hear tit. in my humble opinion it's a lot better that way.


ifb links à la mode: 04.09.09

(thanks style mom for including my post on edwidge!!)

April 7, 2009

kodak 100tmx

captured: fall 2005 - begining of my senior year of high school; from my boy's rolls of film that i wrote about.
i was quite the mess back in those days. i have lovely bags under my eyes in the second one. a part of me is nostalgic for the amount of energy i had & my ability to party non-stop but i'm glad those days are over. the good times were killing me.