July 22, 2008

RIP estelle getty


in my first semester of college i spent probably more time watching tv than i had in the past 5 years (i'm not a big fan of television). my room mate was the one who 'owned' (actually it was her old room mate's but she was still in charge of it) so she picked most of the shows most of the time. one night she stopped her channel surfing to watch the golden girls. i had heard of the golden girls before but had never watched it until then. i was hooked. whenever it was on tv i watched. for xmas last year my wonderful mother bought me season 1 of the golden girls. then my boyfriend & i became obsessed. we would sit & watch hours of golden girls (which, by the way, is the original sex & the city &, as always, the original is always better. the golden girls kick satc ass.). i would laugh until i cried. those 4 woman were almost like my family because every i spent almost every evening with them. & my favorite of those 4 woman was sophia petrillo. i loved how sassy, brutally honest, witty, raunchy & unashamed she was; she was the archetypal trickster, a true outlaw. when i watched the last episode of the golden girls in late april i cried, i'll admit it even if it is silly, i cried like a baby. it was a sad day to no longer have those woman in my life everyday. so in a way i feel like i've already mourned the death of estelle getty though when my mom told me tonight i did still get a bit teary eyed. so here's to you sophia, thanks for being a friend!

tracie (slut machine) has compiled a great video of all of sophia's best moments over here.

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