September 25, 2008

a few of my favorite things: ray ban 5121

1. Eye Chart - Right, 2. Vintage Eye Chart, 3. when I was a child..., 4. leica M7

at the end of my senior i finally came to terms with the fact that my eyes weren't working as well as they used to. i went to lens crafter & they told me what i already knew: i needed glasses. & in all honesty i was kind of excited. i remember when i was a kid i used to pretend to not be be able to read the numbers on that chart they give you. either everyone knew i was faking blindness or i wasn't very consistent in my charade. probably both. now my secret fantasy had become real & i was so excited about picking about a new pair. at the time i either wanted a wayfarer style frame or an oversized granny-ish looking frame. my mom told me that i would look silly & i should get something practical. since they didn't have anything even a tiny bit close to the wayfarer style i got some men's glasses in tortoise shell. i liked them. but i didn't love them. i had been hoping for so long for glasses & when i got the chance i got something that just mediocre. well after 2 years of our tepid love affair i decided to do what i had wanted to do orginally. i ordered some ray ban 5121 original style wayfarers. fuck yeah. i'm finally in love with my glasses!

(ray ban 5121)

(old glasses < new glasses)

September 21, 2008

autumnal equinox

captured: 06.19.08
goodbye summer! goodbye swimming in the kiddie pool. goodbye 80-100 degree weather (good riddance!). goodbye friends (not really but goodbye to spending copious amounts of time with them doing nothing & having them live just around the corner). goodbye free time. goodbye beach days (not that i went as much as i could/should have).
hello autumn! hello coats. hello perfect weather (hopefully 60-70). hello school & homework. hello halloween & costume fun. hello pumpkins & pumpkin food (pumpkin spire latte, pumpkin loaf, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin bagels, pumpkin ravoli, pumpkin pie, pumpkin milk, pumpkin muffin, mmm...).

September 19, 2008

sometimes i make videos

mikki likes them. i posted one on here once before (na pali coast). you can watch them on my youtube account.

there will be bud

two of my favorites (bud + ddl in there will be blood) things combined into one brilliant short, 'there will be be bud'. i cried the first time i watched it because it was that amazing. i can't believe that i didn't post this video on here earlier, sorry.

speaking of amazing this, how amazing was daniel day-lewis in there will be blood? i shouldn't even get myself started on ddl. i can spend hours talking about how amazing he is. he is one of greatest actors (perhaps even THE greatest) of all time. he's so incredibly talented. think about all the roles he's played. every single character is so different & unique & well acted.
(photo via for the record)

September 18, 2008

the ramones

(photo via stupid & contagious)
when i was in 8th grade i did a history report, not just any history report but it was the "history day" report (or maybe it wasn't called that...i can't remember what if it was that or something else anyway...), on the ramones. we were supposed to take a major historical event and write about how it change the world. my group (which consisted of my boyfriend, my 2 friends & i) decided the ramones becoming a band & essentially "inventing" punk was a big enough historical event to actually write an entire report that our entire grade depended on. my classmates chose things like "the invention of the car", "the assination of jfk" or "the discovery of america". i thought i was such a little punk. but i did get an A on the report.

September 17, 2008


1. gardenia, 2. Gardenia, 3. Happy Birthday Maria Jose !, 4. Gardenia

ever since i bought that shikai gardenia lotion i have become completely obsessed with gardenia. i even bought a plant for my room. this was probably the worst idea ever because i'm the worst gardener ever! i even killed a cactus once. my co-worker called it my kamikaze plant. my boyfriend & i named him gary the gardenia & so far he is actually doing pretty good. i even bring him in the bathroom with me so he can get some humidity (the instructions on him said that he would like a humid place with good sunlight but please correct me if that info is wrong). he makes me room smell like heaven, he makes my room smell way better than any scented candles, inscence, aromatherapy oils or those nasty glade plug in things could ever make it smell. i want my whole life to smell like gardenia. i think i'm going to try the shikai gardenia shower gel. does anyone know any other good gardenia scented products, especially a good gardenia perfume? i'm just dying to find a really good gardenia perfume.

September 2, 2008

taxidermy pt.III (les deux garcons)

i don't know much about les deux garcons but i do know that i love their their work. while lisa black is steampunk & walter potter is whimsical & anthropomorphic, les deux garcon take a completely different approach to their taxidermy & turn their pieces into surreal, hallucinatory dreamscapes. can anyone tell me anything more about them & their work?
(les deux garcons)

recipe for a beautiful moment


bat for lashes
a beautiful moment.

(photos via more from the bathtub girl & drowned by self-absorption)

blue button up blouse

i love my blue button up so much that i chose to wear it for my first day of school (which might i add was not so great; after going to the university of san francisco, pierce college is really crappy - crappy teachers, crappy campus, crappy classmates). here's 2 other girls who love their blue button ups & wear it the same way i do - with the sleeves rolled up & a little loose:for a good blue button up i'd recommend american apparel's pinpoint oxford button up. i'm thinking about maybe buying it in gray.

no pants