March 31, 2009

edwige belmore

woke up at my friend's place after a night of too much jager, nothing to do so i picked up her copy of girls like us & saw an article on edwige belmore. i'd never heard of her before but i quickly fell in love with her. her hair, her eyebrows, her attitude, her style are all just amazing. she reminds me of the agyness deyn of the late 1970s, maybe? what do you think?

(most photos from her blog disco rough)

la folie almayer

March 26, 2009

a few of my favorite things: indian desserts

1. P4020010, 2. Indian fabric, 3. indian Fabric, 4. Indian Sweets
i love indian desserts. there's a tiny hole-in-the-wall deli that i like to go to get indian food. whenever i get dessert i have to order by asking for "the pink square" or "the brown ball." it's fun having absolutely no idea what it's called or what it tastes like. i think "the pink square" is my favorite though.

March 25, 2009

ro f09 (men's)

i know that everyone & their mom loves rick owens but personally i've never been a huge fan of his. i guess i just don't 'get' him. i don't even like this outift, i'd be appalled if i saw my boyfriend in it. but what i wouldn't give to have that necklace (perhaps a bit smaller?) around my neck. how sick is it?!

bear chair

March 24, 2009

artoria gibbons the tattooed lady

how beautiful is she? ladies who can rock a body suit like that are few but damn this girl does it well. i love the juxtaposition of the tattoos (something that is typically seen as masculine, 'tough' & modern) and her slightly risque 1920s dress, which provides the perfect feminine and dainty contrast to her tats. love it!
(more on artoria gibbons)

March 21, 2009

gogol bordello

hey, can i party with you guys? hutz seems like a good guy to go out drinking with.

coonskin cap, etc.

(fur hat world)
i would never buy these hats from the website but i saw one in a thrift store*...damn, i'd be all over it & it would be mine in a second.
on a sidenote: how creepy is that manequin?! the hat would look so much better on me...or any living person for that matter.

*i won't buy fur, leather, any type of animal product, etc. straight from the manufacturer because i don't want to support the slaughter of animals with my money. but if it's from a thrift store or a vintage boutique my money is either going to charity or supporting small businesses - both of which i'm more than happy to do. yes, i'm rationalizing my love of dressing myself with dead little animals.

captured: 05.16.08(?)

(photo by karin kerylow)
i miss golden gate park. i've been really homesick for san francisco lately.

March 20, 2009

happy vernal equinox

1. Fantasy, 2. Ume, 3. Cherry blossoms #3, 4. multiple exposure yellow flowers and sky, 5. rape blossoms_2 (Pinhole), 6. Necessary, 7. Magnolias, 8. cherry blossoms, morning, 9. Cherry blossoms

asb f09

(ann-sofie back f09)
this might just be my favorite collection for fall 2009. it hit all the right notes for me. i mean, could it not get any more perfect than a monochromatic, feather-draped, shredded-clothed zombie? i vote no.

at the hop

emanuel ungaro branch heels

(sea of shoes)
if i could walk in heals these would be the ultimate pair. i love grey, i love anything inspired by nature. those two things combined makes me crazy for these shoes.

3.1pl f09

March 19, 2009

complex geometries

i heard of complex geometries through queen michelle. they have some really sweet shit. i love this outfit in particular. it looks like it would be really cozy & comfy, actually their whole line looks cozy & comfy.

March 13, 2009

the island of romance

my goat & i went to catalina for our 6 year anniversary & st. valentine's. he just gave me the photos but they are already a month old. anyway, enjoy:
captured: 02.13.09

seeing me "pray" is a once in a lifetime opportunity.we went to the pet cemetery.
i saw an unburied, unloved & discarded kitten.i even saw a funeral starting just as we were leaving.we went whale watching.
this is the only whale we saw.
but we did see bald eagles, some sort of heron (this guy ^) & sea lions.
captured: 02.14.09

we went on the 'cape canyon tour'.
captured: 02.15.09