April 26, 2010


"Intimacy is based on shared vulnerability…nothing deepens intimacy like the experiences that we share when we feel flayed, with our skins off, scared and vulnerable, and our partner is there with us, willing to share in the scary stuff"

-via fetus feces

disposable: nature

captured: 07&08.2009

disposable: party in the tonga hut pt.I

captured: 08.2009

disposable: animals

captured: 07&08.2009

lonesome wolf

just got this shirt in the mail, it's AMAZING! pictures coming soon.

grizzly creek bag

naked wolves

April 19, 2010

the decline of western civilization

just got done watching the decline of western civilization (the punk years), it was pretty fucking sick. made me have a bit more pride for my hometown. favorite part is when darby crash is asking for a beer. "gimme a bee-ah." here's part uno to get you started. watch it.

fuck your ears pt.II

bought some more music:
gogol bordello//gypsy punks: underdog world strike
gogol bordello//east infection
yeasayer//odd blood
designer drugs//riot/drop down
yeah, that last one...you can laugh at me. not sure why i got that.
more: fuck your ears pt.I.