June 19, 2008

things i love thursday

  • feeling optimistic about the current political situation - i fear that i may be bit of a perpetual pessimist especially about politics. i am pretty happy with both the democratic & republican nominee. i'm really excited about the prospect that obama could become president. i really feel that he might be able to create positive changes in our country. & while i'm a bit wary of mccain sometimes ("the issue of economics is something that I've really never understood as well as I should." the economist) i feel like he is well-intentioned, refreshingly honest & real. i feel like the 2 presidential candidates are really genuine (unlike hilary, who, i felt, was a well-oiled, well-groomed machine with 1 goal [becoming president] in mind & would do anything to get that goal). anyway, i feel like i'll be happy with whoever eventually gets elected. (i just hope those words don't come back to bite me in the ass.)
  • new music - in gala's tilt she asked: "what are you listening to at the moment?" in the past month i've bought a few cds & when my boy came home to visit he gave me some new music. these are the new albums i've been listening to (in order of date added to my itunes, oldest to newest): the game - stop snitchin', stop lyin', jose gonzalez - veneer, beirut - the flying cup club, the violent femmes - add it up (used to own this one during high school but it was stolen by a 'friend'. it's nice to have it back), various artists - bob dylan: the 30th anniversary concert celebration, the raconteurs - consolers of the lonely, various artists - ghost world, the finches - human like a house, mason jennings - mason jennings, matt costa - unfamiliar faces, she & him - volume one, ladytron - velocifero.
  • hanging out with my dogs - last week i said i would elaborate more on it. well here's my elaboration:

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