June 13, 2008

things i love thursday (one day late)

(photo by me)
  • having fun - yesterday i was with friends from the moment i woke up from the moment i went to bed & it was pretty great. so i have a good excuse as to why i'm a day late on my tilt.
  • swimming - does this need an explanation? it's great to be able to escape from the heat & cannonball jump into a nice cool pool.
  • seeing my lover - yesterday was the first time i've seen my boyfriend in almost a month. it feels so good to squeeze him & kiss him & gaze upon his beautiful face...
  • playing with my dogs - me, my poochies, water & a kiddie pool. we got wild. i'll elaborate more on that later...
sorry this was a short one but i want to spend more time with my man than with my computer.

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