June 17, 2008

consolers of the lonely

i really love the cover of the new raconteurs album, consolers of the lonely. it's really beautiful & full of minute details. it reminds me of jim james' scene from i'm not there (the bob dylan biopic), which i think is the best scene from the whole movie.

i saw a raconteurs concert not that long ago in san francisco & it really exceeded my expectations. i knew it was going to be really good but i didn't expect to leave the concert feeling so horny. watching jack white play guitar & sing is like an aphrodisiac for me. he's so virile, sweaty & wholly concentrated on the music.
the more i think about it virile is the perfect word for jack white. according to merriam-webster the definition of virile is "1: having the nature, properties, or qualities of an adult male; specifically : capable of functioning as a male in copulation 2: energetic, vigorous 3: a: characteristic of or associated with men : masculine b: having traditionally masculine traits especially to a marked degree 4: masterful, forceful."

speaking of good concerts i also jim james about...four, maybe five years ago? (on a sidenote: woah! time really does fly by.) he was opening for bright eyes' kings of folk tour (not sure if that was the actual name but that's what conor kept calling it). i'd never heard of jim james or my morning jacket so when he played i was totally blown away. in my jens lekman post i mention that i've only heard one other voice that had that tangible quality to it & jim james is that other voice.

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