June 6, 2008

jens lekman

i remember when i saw jens lekman in concert. it was in san francisco in a small, crowded club. i was completely blown away. i'd listened to his albums many times, i knew his voice was beautiful but really i had no idea. the first act was good but not memorable then jens got on stage. he was completely alone and much more handsome than i had previously thought. he asked us to not take an videos & not to post any videos of him on youtube. he said he wanted the night to be intimate and personal, between just us. and when he sang his voice was simply awe inspiring. have you ever heard a voice so beautiful that it is almost tangible, it's a physical force in the room, it has light inside of it, it makes you feel like there is something bleeding inside of you? i had only heard a voice like that one other time but that time didn't compare with jens' voice. i would recommend listening to his albums but they wouldn't do him justice.

ok, if you really want to listen - go here.
(more jens lekman)

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