September 17, 2008


1. gardenia, 2. Gardenia, 3. Happy Birthday Maria Jose !, 4. Gardenia

ever since i bought that shikai gardenia lotion i have become completely obsessed with gardenia. i even bought a plant for my room. this was probably the worst idea ever because i'm the worst gardener ever! i even killed a cactus once. my co-worker called it my kamikaze plant. my boyfriend & i named him gary the gardenia & so far he is actually doing pretty good. i even bring him in the bathroom with me so he can get some humidity (the instructions on him said that he would like a humid place with good sunlight but please correct me if that info is wrong). he makes me room smell like heaven, he makes my room smell way better than any scented candles, inscence, aromatherapy oils or those nasty glade plug in things could ever make it smell. i want my whole life to smell like gardenia. i think i'm going to try the shikai gardenia shower gel. does anyone know any other good gardenia scented products, especially a good gardenia perfume? i'm just dying to find a really good gardenia perfume.

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