September 25, 2008

a few of my favorite things: ray ban 5121

1. Eye Chart - Right, 2. Vintage Eye Chart, 3. when I was a child..., 4. leica M7

at the end of my senior i finally came to terms with the fact that my eyes weren't working as well as they used to. i went to lens crafter & they told me what i already knew: i needed glasses. & in all honesty i was kind of excited. i remember when i was a kid i used to pretend to not be be able to read the numbers on that chart they give you. either everyone knew i was faking blindness or i wasn't very consistent in my charade. probably both. now my secret fantasy had become real & i was so excited about picking about a new pair. at the time i either wanted a wayfarer style frame or an oversized granny-ish looking frame. my mom told me that i would look silly & i should get something practical. since they didn't have anything even a tiny bit close to the wayfarer style i got some men's glasses in tortoise shell. i liked them. but i didn't love them. i had been hoping for so long for glasses & when i got the chance i got something that just mediocre. well after 2 years of our tepid love affair i decided to do what i had wanted to do orginally. i ordered some ray ban 5121 original style wayfarers. fuck yeah. i'm finally in love with my glasses!

(ray ban 5121)

(old glasses < new glasses)


mary lee said...

oh, i love them. i need glasses as well, but i'm too lazy to make an appointment... i keep justifying my laziness to myself by thinking that i'm not in school anymore, so i reaaaally don't need them... (not true, though, i do need them)

Anonymous said...

Ridiculously oversized! Seriously you are not rocking them in which Ray Bans are intended to be rocked, not in the slightest way. you look cute :D but glasses are not doing you justice dude.

Anonymous said...

Kind of weird to write a comment since your post is from 2008! Anyway, I just wanted to say I love your Ray Bans! I really wanted to buy the same model but when I tried them on.... oh my, I think my head is huge 'coz they didn't look big! It was a dissapointment, not related to the Ray Bans but to my head :/
Hope you're still wearing them, because they look simply fab on you!