June 5, 2008

things i love thursday

(photo by me)
  • summer - while i definitely prefer cooler temperatures there is a certain allure to summer. kids are out of school on summer break & those who work wish that they were. the warm air & sunshine seem to bake carefree vibes into everyone. i think this summer will be a summer worth remembering.
  • being a passenger - sitting in the backseat, friends in the front seat, the scent of freshly smoked marijuana escaping through the open windows, the music turned up, it's those moments where no one needs to speak but the feeling of joy & peace permeate the car. it's moments like that i want to capture, put it in my pocket & save it for a rainy day. quintessential listening: the passenger - iggy pop

  • kindness - our world is incredibly harsh, sometimes so harsh it's nearly unbearable. but then there is kindness & that's what keeps us going, it makes the harshness a but more bearable. today i was reading about Rand Abdel-Qader and her mother, Leila Hussein, & it just broke my heart. the short version is a young iraqi girl spoke to a british soldier, who she had a crush on, in public so her father killed her. her mother, unable to live with the man who murdered her daughter, fled her home and was trying to escape to jordan when she too was murdered. while reading the 2 articles i had tears streaming down my face, sometimes i'm unable to even comprehend the cruelty humans are capable of. but there are people out there how try an ease the amount of cruelty in the world & i'm so grateful for those people & their kindness. the women over at jezebel have set up a way to donate money to women who are trying to leave iraq. you can get more info on donating or can paypal a donation to tips@jezebel.com. so here's a big kudos to the women over at jezebel for restoring a tiny bit of my faith in humanity.

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