June 5, 2008


grey or gray? what do you prefer? does it even matter what one calls it? does a different name detract from it's beauty?

regardless of spelling, grey/gray is my favorite color. why?
life is full of extremes, opposites, & dichotomies: love & hate, hot & cold, democrat & republican, manic & depressed, hard & soft, science & religion, yin & yang, etc. my person life is full of extremes; i either hate something or love it & when i find something that i enjoy i enjoy in excess. that's where grey/gray comes in. it's the child of 2 extremes, black & white. it's the color of neutrality, moderation and balance, things that i, & the world i live in, need more of. if there were more moderate politicians there would be less partisan fighting in our government and then maybe we could find peace. if people could hate a little less & love less fervently then maybe we could find peace. if religious people would accept the validity of science and if people who put their faith in science could learn to accept the validity of religion then maybe we could find some peace. but until we have peace, at least we have the color grey/gray.

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