June 27, 2008

things i love thursday (two days late)

(photos by me)
  • escaping - things at my home weren't going so well this week (translation: i got kicked out) so my friend (who also needed to get out of town) & i put $15 of gas in her little grey/gray truck & went to our friends house (mikki) in the middle of nowhere (also known as antelope valley, near palmdale & lancaster, & for those not familar at all with california geography this is where i was. the photo above was actually taken in the hills behind her house. it was really wonderful to have no responsibility, no phone service, no plans & no pressure from other people. it was a much needed break from modern civilization.
  • having a job - i hate working but a job equals money & i really need money so i really needed a job. i went back to the only really job i've ever held which is a receptionist at a hair salon. i worked there on (when i'm at home) & off (when i'm at college) from october 2005. even though i hate it sometimes, i love my co-workers & they love me so it's nice to be back.
  • seemingly random interactions - i've had at least four very odd meetings with people; some nostalgic, some ironic, some fated, some just really, really weird. one meeting was realizing that a long time customer from my work is actually gary bryan from krth (an oldies radio station that i was weaned on).
  • goat cheese - i've been addicted since my friend introduced me to it a few months ago. can anyone suggest some good brands/good types to try?


Adv said...

Goat Cheeses: yes!

One brand commonly associated with 'the best' would have to be 'Humboldt Fog' by cypress grove... All of the cypress grove cheeses though are immaculate.

erin lynne said...

cypress grove is the brand i almost always eat!