June 22, 2009

simple teetoe

i kind of really need new sandals. my favorite sandals are starting to die. i originally purchased them for a few bucks at tj maxx because they were one of the few non-leather sandals they had & until last summer i didn't really own sandals. (unless you count the pair of flip-flops that i used to wear every day, every time i showered because i used to live in a dorm & had to share the showers with way too many girls & i did not want to get their feet fungi...sorry, tangent.) anyway...i was really pumped to find these sandals because they not only look just like my favorite pair of sandals, they are vegan, eco-friendly & just an all-round nice sounding company. take a peek at their manifesto. less>more - i couldn't agree more with their entire method to making shoes...simple look, sustainable approach. the only thing i don't like (& it's a very minor complaint) is how the uppers are cotton eyelet. couldn't they have made them more simple & just used plain black cotton? oh well, my reasoning is that most people won't even be able to tell unless they are really up close to my sandals. as soon as i make some money (how many times have i said that now?), i'm going to snatch these babies up real quick.

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