June 5, 2009

captured: 04.09.09 (san francisco)

ok, so i went to san francisco about two months ago & i promised pictures. so i have a bunch of excuses as to why i haven't gotten around to posting them (too busy, my internet died, too many parties, getting sick, taking care of sick friends, worrying about sick friends, going absolutely bat shit insane, turning into a rabid wolf & killing people.....uh, just life in general, i guess?) but excuses are like assholes & everyone's got one - soooo yeah... whatever, here they are:

(photos #1-4 - captured with my shitty digital camera)
(photos #5-8 - captured with a polaroid spectra)
(photos #9-10 & 13-16 - captured with a disposable camera)
(photos #11 & 12 captured by karin kerylow)

captured: 04.09.09 (yup all of them were taken in one day, it was virtually a one day trip to sf. driving approximately eight hours there & back takes up just a bit of one's vacation time.)
videos of this adventure will be posted eventually...which is what i said about these pictures. so expect about two months before you get to see the videos.

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