May 9, 2009


1. trees in the german winter seen with the fisheye2, 2. Blossom fisheye, 3. Cherry blossoms, 4. Brightest Full Moon!, 5. Winter Half Moon 2, 6. Crescent Moon, 7. weather. beach. achill., 8. France Cavaliers 1, 9. Hayden Point Sunset

In the 1920's Dr. Rudolf Hauschka asked his mentor Rudolf Steiner the ever-challenging question:

What is life?”

"Study rhythm,” Steiner replied, “Rhythm carries life.”

As he observed the world around him he could see life gains its form from the rhythms of nature. He noted, for example, the way in which the vitality of plants ebbs and flows with the rhythms of passing time, the sap rising and falling with the rhythmical motions of the sun and moon. He saw the power of nature's rhythms on all living things, and realized that life itself was in constant rhythmic flux.
-dr. hauscka

even though this quote came from a cosmetic company & is applied to the how to treat your skin. i was really touched by this quote when i contemplated it on a larger scheme, in relation to life. next time i'm having a shitty day i need to think of this. i need to think that this is just the rhythmic ebb & flow of life, this rhythm is cyclic & things will eventually be ok (then of course they will might get bad again but it's ok.) everything will be ok, just give it time.

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