March 31, 2009

edwige belmore

woke up at my friend's place after a night of too much jager, nothing to do so i picked up her copy of girls like us & saw an article on edwige belmore. i'd never heard of her before but i quickly fell in love with her. her hair, her eyebrows, her attitude, her style are all just amazing. she reminds me of the agyness deyn of the late 1970s, maybe? what do you think?

(most photos from her blog disco rough)


Eyeliah @ said...

She is gorgeous, love her personal style.

Anonymous said...

very interesting... who was she?

erin lynne said...

here's a quote from the article i had read about her: "Edwige is a jack-of-many-trades: ex-actress,ex-model, ex-singer, ex-junkie, ex-cabare-tière, Hindu devotee, flower arranger and décor stylist extraordinaire - but above all - a very glamorous lesbian and cult icon." she used to hang out with warhol at one point. she was pretty much an "it girl" from the late 1970s.