March 11, 2009

a few of my favorite things: burt's bees pomegranate

i love all of burt's bees pomegranate products. i have naturally really greasy hair & if i use a product that is for dry hair it's way too soft & by the end of the day my hair is all stringy. the burt's bees pomegranate & soy shampoo & conditioner are so perfect for my hair. the shampoo leaves my hair looking so nice & it doesn't get greasy. i only use the conditioner every few days but that's more than i used to use conditioner because before i found this conditioner my hair would be limp & too soft if i used conditioner.
i know a lot of people like lipstick & the way it looks but personally i'm not a huge fan. i look really clownish with even the most subtle of shades. so this pomegranate chapstick is so perfect for me because it leaves a light hint of pink on my lips but its not too intense. It leaves them nice & moisturized, while lipstick totally dries my lips out. i cannot live without this chapstick, i use it about a million times every day.

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