November 15, 2008

top 4 favorite political pundits

ok, i'll admit it - i'm addicted to the news, mainly political news. whenever i turn the tv on the first channel i (usually) go to is cnn because i know that there will be something interesting (that won't rot my brain) on (with the exception of larry king) and, in my opinion, as far as news corporations go, cnn is the most accurate with the least amount of bullshit (ahem, fox news, rupert murdoch). the only time that i change the channel to a different news program is when i know that there is something better on. here are the four people who have television shows that make me abandon cnn. i wish i could watch them all day, every day & completely replace cnn but unfortunately their programs are only on once a day and last a half-hour or hour.

4. keith olberman
on a weird sidenote: olberman looks like my psychiatrist.

3. rachel maddow

2. steven colbert

1. jon stewart

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