October 17, 2008

dear diary

i'm sorry but this book was an utter waste of time. i picked it up because i had read a review saying that it was really great & i wanted a nice, light read (as opposed to what i used to read during my year & a half as an english major). maybe it's because of my background as an ex-english major but i couldn't believe that dear diary was actually published. it was like a skeleton of a novel, a rough draft. there was so much missing. if only arfin had taken the time to flesh out her characters and had taken the time delve into the more emotional aspects of her story, which i'm positive there were even if i didn't read them, the book might have been just what i was looking for: a nice, light read. it's such a pity that it wasn't a better book because throughout the book i really related to arfin, i kept comparing myself to arfin. her life story from "popular girl" to "loser" in middle school to a "druggie" in high school is so incrdibly close to my own story, only difference is that i kicked my most damaging addictions my first year out of high school, i never went down the heroin path & i'm not sure i fell quite as far as she did. another difference between her & i is that if my book was as boring and sparsely written as hers i probably wouldn't have bothered publishing it.

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