August 10, 2008

wishlist: boots

i've been wanting a(nother) pair of boots for a while now. i've been especially lusting over combat style boots because they have a nostalgic appeal to me - in 9th grade my favorite pair of shoes was a pair of oxblood red vegan combat boots from bc footwear. while i still have that pair of boots they are a bit too intense for my taste now, the sole of the boot is very chunky & they look a bit too industrial goth for my taste. after months & months of wishing i decided that i would get myself a new pair of boots. my first thought was dr. martens & i fell in love with these 2 pairs:
(dr. martens 1460 w-8 eye boot in black patent & goldilocks)
but the problem with those 2 pairs are that they are made from leather. while i don't have a problem with wearing leather i won't buy leather unless it's from a second hand. rationalization? probably. my thoughts are this: i feel bad spending my money on a product that contributes to the death of an animal but if i buy leather products from a thrift store then i'm donating to charity, if i buy leather products from a vintage shop then i'm helping a small business owner. so i decided to wait until i found a nice pair of boots in some sort second hand store. so i waited & waited & waited, i found a pair of docs but in a size twice my own, i waited some more then decided to check out my vegan options online. most were pretty ugly. i liked this airseal para boots but wasn't too fond of the sole.
(airseal black para boots)
then i found a pair of boots that stole my heart. i lusted over them more than any other pair of boots i had seen. i love the brogueing along the seams, the soles aren't too chunky, they are simply delicious. normally i would never spend so much money on shoes (or anything else for that matter - i'm cheap) but for whatever reason i feel like these babies are worth it. i can't wait for them to come home.
(airseal stable boot black)

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